Margaret River Western Australia

Visit To Margaret River- Things To Do

A visit to Margaret River Holiday is perfect  for everyone to relax and escape from all the hustles and bustles of a busy life. It is the place where you get to lounge by the beach, drink exquisite wines or get your heart pumping with some great holiday adventures like mountain climbing, surfing, abseiling or paragliding. To make the most out of your holiday get-away, choose the ultimate travel destination that offers all these things in one place. Margaret River for instance showcases the best of both worlds, amazing man made attractions and the best that nature can offer – sun, sea, wildlife, cave wonders, marine life, rain forest and a whole lot more. If you are thinking of spending the holiday in Margaret River, then here are some of the many things you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Wine tours – The Margaret River region is well known for its world class wine productions. The wines in this region have an outstanding reputation for rich character and quality. Savor the intense and rich flavors of chardonnays, Semillons, cabernets and merlots.

2. Beaches – Take a swim around some of the best beaches in the world with well-known surfers. The crystal clear water and sandy beaches of Geograpge Bay in Dunsborough offer a safe place to swim in, snorkel and catch some fish. For those who enjoy water sports, Prevelly Park is definitely a must see. Learn to windsurf or kitesurf with a professional instructor using top of the line equipment. It also offers a huge selection of accommodation options which fits all budgets and lifestyles.

3. Caves – There are hundreds of caves found near the Margaret River region all of which are located within the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park. Not all caves in the region are open for public viewing. But you can get to see six of the most amazing caves you’ll ever find – Ngilgi Cave, Jewel Cave, Giants Cave, Lake Cave, Calgardup Cave and of course, the Mammoth Cave which is the most famous among the six cave wonders.

4. Whale watching – From the months of May to December you can witness two amazing types of whales – the Humpback and the Southern Right whales as they travel from Antarctica to the north. Whale watching is truly a great experience that you should never miss out on. You can either take a glimpse of these wonderful marine animals from a scenic vantage point such as the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse or you can get up close to them on one of the best whale watching tours offered in the area.

5. Walk trails – Explore natural bush, vineyards and farmlands in the region. Pass through jarrah, peppermint and karri forest to catch a first-hand view of different bird species in the area including yellow robins, blue wrens and parrots. During the timber boom, the trail was used as part of an old railway network which is why the gradient here is mostly flat. But there are areas where mountain bikes are preferable. The trail starts at Cowaranup and ends at the Margaret River. Cross bridges, rivers, creeks and streams of different sizes and have a picnic along the way.

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