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The Blue Mountains NSW Nature at it’s best.

If you were to simply open your eyes and find yourself in the Blue Mountains NSW, you would never guess that you were only ninety minutes’ drive from the centre of Australia’s biggest city, Sydney. The Blue Mountains is one of Australia’s oldest rural holiday destinations and has not lost its popularity. It offers plenty for those looking for a romantic escape and for families wanting a healthy, active holiday.

If you come to the Blue Mountains there is plenty to do. Checking out the scenery is bound to be top of your list of things to do, so here are a few ideas.

Viewpoints: There are many breath taking viewpoints within the Blue Mountains. Some of the most well-known include Echo Point in Katoomba offers an amazing view over the Three Sisters and through the Jamison Valley. Wentworth Falls also offer great views of both the falls and the valley.

Bushwalking: There are bushwalking trails throughout the Blue Mountains region and national park. Once you reach the Blue Mountains then head to one of the tourist information centers such as the one in Katoomba and request a bushwalking map marking the main trails. You can choose from short walks on manmade paths to long and adventurous hikes.

Scenic World: Located in the central Katoomba area, Scenic World is the most popular attraction in the region and offers a number of ways to enjoy the great views. Scenic World has a number of attractions including a cable car, a glass floored skyway which takes you across the valley and the world’s steepest railway. There is also a boardwalk around the rainforest at the bottom of the valley. It’s a great family attraction and a fun way to take in some of the views of the local area.

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