Riversleigh Fossil Centre – Mount Isa

The Australian Fossil Mammal Sites at Riversleigh and Naracoorte were recorded in the World Heritage List in 1994 for their remarkable representation of the development of Australian vertebrates and the nature of their fossils, which are safeguarded in limestone. The Riversleigh segment, which covers 10,000 hectares, is situated in the southern segment of Boodjamulla National Park in north-west Queensland. Naracoorte can be found more than 2,000 kilometers away in South Australia.

The Riversleigh Fossil Centre are among the wealthiest and most broad on the planet, with a few fossils going back 15 to 25 million years. The site gives excellent samples of mammalian collections in a landmass whose warm blooded creature developmental history has been the most secluded and most particular on the planet. It incorporates the first records of numerous gatherings of living warm blooded animals, for example, marsupial moles and quill tailed possums, and in addition other novel and wiped out species, for example, the ‘marsupial lion’.

The Riversleigh Fossil Centre┬áteaches and translates for guests the fossils separated from the close-by Riversleigh fossil fields. These finds have been portrayed as dioramas and displayed in a true setting to show the interesting disclosures in one of the world’s wealthiest fossil fields. Not at all like numerous other fossil stores, the Riversleigh Fossil Centre are a depiction in time, as well as a window on the advancement of ahead of schedule warm blooded animal megafauna in the course of the last 30 million years.

The range open to the general population was one of the first fossil stores discovered, and gives guests a chance to see numerous fossilized warm blooded creatures and reptiles direct.

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