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National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia, opened in  1968 is a fortune trove of Australian books, original copies, daily papers, notable reports, oral history, music, and pictures. Its most profitable belonging are Captain Cook’s journal (1768-71) and Wills’ diary of his expedition with Burke in 1860-61. Compositionally, the building is a sensational differentiation from the National Gallery and High Court. Assembled in the style of a Greek sanctuary, its traditional impact is underscored by the sumptuous utilization of marble and travertine on the sections and dividers, and marble from Greece, Italy, and Australia utilized as a part of the enhancement of the inside.

In the hall are radiant recolored glass windows by Leonard French and three Aubusson embroidered works of art woven from Australian fleece. The lower floor presentations treasures from the National Library of Australia gathering and the Exhibitions Gallery has uncommon going to shows, which frequently oblige development booking. Guests can likewise dig in one of the perusing rooms, scan the brilliant bookshop, or unwind in the bistro.


The building features a number of notable art works, both commissioned for the building when first opened, or subsequently acquired. A large horizontal sculpture by Tom Bass over the public entrance, referred to both as the Lintel Sculpture and as Knowledge, was commissioned as part of the design and is a beaten copper bas-relief sculpture depicting themes derived from Sumerian seals, representing the sun (enlightenment), the tree of life, and the ark of knowledge

The National Library of Australia is committed to the conservation of the Commonwealth Heritage values of its building, and this commitment is reflected in its corporate planning documents and processes, an extraordinary Public Library on the lines of the world-extremely popular Library of Congress at Washington; such a library, without a doubt, as might be deserving of the Australian Nation; the home of the writing, not of a State, or of a period, but rather of the world, and ever


Treasures Gallery and Exhibitions Gallery open day by day 10am-6pm; Main Reading Room open Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm, Fri and Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 1:30-5pm; shut Good Friday and Christmas Day

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