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Mount Gambier South Australia

Welcome to South Australia’s Mount Gambier

If you’re trying to find a really unique holiday experience, look no further than Mount Gambier, in the brilliant sunshine of South Australia. Located around half way between Adelaide and Melbourne, Mount Gambier has a few of the most beautiful and unique landscape in the country, and is ideal for any kind of vacation.

Mount Gambier South Australia  gets its name from the extinct volcano right in the heart of town, first discovered in 1800. It is now the largest city in South Australia, and it is world renowned for its magnificent caves and cave diving. The Aboriginal people called the region ereng balam, which meant the home of the eagle hawk. The town grew up in the mid-1800s, on the slopes of the extinct Mount Gambier volcano, which is part of a complex of volcanoes that cover the region.

History buffs must visit the 1865 National Trust Old Court House, where it is possible to look at the past law books and even take part in a mock trial. The Jail is another historic building worth checking out. It was built in 1866, and it was used all the way up to 1995. Backpackers in the mood for an interesting experience can arrange to stay in the jail’s budget accommodations.

From budget to luxury, you will find all kinds of Mt Gambier accommodation throughout the town for just about any type of vacation you might have planned. From picturesque campgrounds and caravan parks to cottage rentals, bed and breakfasts and full service hotels, you can have your pick of where to stay in Mount Gambier.

Thousands of tourists come to Mount Gambier every year to see its unique landscape. You can spend the day at the Crater Lakes, made up of Blue Lake Crater, Valley Lake Crater and Leg of Mutton Lake Crater. Each lake has numerous scenic views, walking paths, recreational areas, and scenic picnic places.

The most famous of these lakes is the Blue Lake, which changes colour with the season, changing from a dark grey shade in winter months, to a bright blue in the summer.

You don’t have to love adventure or geography to enjoy your visit to Mount Gambier. Wine lovers will enjoy touring the vineyards between Mount Gambier and Narracoorte.


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