Lake Julius

Lake Julius in Mount Isa

Development of Lake Julius Dam was finished in 1976, with the lake made to give water to neighborhood watering system, and go down Moondarra as a water supply for Mount Isa’s impressive household and mining requests. The Lake’s recreational worth is formally evaluated as auxiliary, yet is regardless critical.

The 18.3 meter solid support dam divider at Julius is found downstream at the intersection of the Leichhardt River and Paroo Creek. At the point when full, the lake has a surface territory of around 1,255ha, with a normal profundity of near nine meters. A lot of this excellent group of green-tinted water is encircled by steep red hills and ochre precipices dabbed with clusters of vegetation. There are thick strands of paperbarks along the water’s edge in numerous spots, adding to the ideal outback appearance.

Lake Julius has an all-around earned notoriety for being one of Australia’s best and most predictable dirty grunter or ‘dark bream’ fisheries, and it positively didn’t baffle amid our brief, one-day visit. In spite of the fact that we neglected to go head to head with any of the lake’s fabulous 50 to 60cm dark flanked bruisers, we did get a string of strong grunter up in the low to mid 40cm territory. Because of their stunning thick-set form, these mound carried fish are particularly overwhelming for their length and draw like wild bull when snared on sensibly light handle! They were a genuine modest bunch when stuck near obstacles or weed beds, requesting solid drags and white-knuckled battling strategies.

There are allegedly a couple barra present in Lake Julius (for the most part escapees from Moondarra that have made their convoluted route downstream amid surges) however experiences with these fish are uncommon and we absolutely didn’t run over any. Not that it mattered, as we had an outright ball discovering and discharging a string of flawless sooties. We likewise got sewed up and severed by two or three delights in the obstacles.

Lake Julius had been on my ‘must visit’ list for quite a while and it was extraordinary to at long last tick it off. Something lets me know I’ll be back there before too long. It’s simply that sort of spot.

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