Nitmiluk National Park

Katherine Gorge Nitmiluk National Park

Stunning Katherine Gorge,

The major attraction of Nitmiluk National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia, is an absolute must see. Katherine Gorge shows that the most impressive experiences in the Australian Outback don’t cost an arm and a leg, don’t have to be shared with a kazillion other tourists, and they don’t require any special preparations.

The 180,353 hectare Nitmiluk National Park is typical rugged Australian Outback country: red rocks and escarpments, and dry bushland with pockets of rainforest along streams and water holes. Wherever there is water the area is teeming with wildlife: lizards, insects, birds, turtles, and even harmless freshwater crocodiles.

On top of the natural beauty, flora and fauna Nitmiluk offers insights into Aboriginal history and Aboriginal culture. The rock art you see here is up to 7000 years old. The traditional owners, the Jawoyn Aboriginal people, only regained the title to their lands in 1998. They gave the area its name: Nitmiluk – meaning Cicada Place.

The main attraction of Nitmiluk National Park is Katherine Gorge itself.

No visit to the Australian Outback is complete without a flight, cruise, canoe trip or hike up the spectacular 12 km Katherine Gorge, winding its way between red sandstone cliffs up to 70 metres high.

23 million years it took the Katherine River to form this natural wonder… An amazing region that can be discovered and enjoyed in many ways.

For those with little time there is the usual array of boat tours and scenic flights to choose from. Both can be recommended and will reward you with impressive views and spectacular photos to take home.

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